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The Difference

Its SIMPLE… SKIPS has a 100% No Excuses Guarantee. If you don’t like the product we give your money back. Proudly made in America and family owned.

Made In America

SKIPS products are proudly made in the United States. We are passionate about reducing emissions, waste and water usage to create the best of the best.

Tested & Proven

We brought in ACTUAL chemists to make sure we created the most effective and safe products that we know will work.

More Bang for Your Buck

Larger bottle for the same price? Yes please! Unlike other companies, we are dedicated to making sure you get the quality you paid for.

Our Products


To Be Real: Produce a Down to earth company with real people, solving real recreational problems. 


Family First

We know that recreation can be darn right messy. We aim to put ease in family recreation by simplifying. 

Be Passionate

We are passionate about recreation and producing game changing cleaning products. 


Driven to do today what could be done tomorrow.

Live the Dream

We feel it is important to live life to the fullest by helping others Solve common problems. 

We know that nothing is more frustrating than trying to clean up for hours after a hard day of play. This is the Skips teams first problem to solve. 

Secret Weapon

Water Spot & Wax Solution

The Secret is out! Secret Weapon is our OG mix! The fast acting solution cuts water spots and grime like it’s easy and leaves the highest quality wax and shine in the industry.

Pair Secret Weapon with the heavy duty SKIPS SPRAYER and it just can’t be beat! Water spots should be afraid, very afraid.

1. Shake SKIPS Spray Bottle well and pressurize bottle.

2. Spray evenly and directly on surface.

3. Wipe with microfiber towel to get a high-gloss shine.

4. Enjoy your one of a kind SKIPS shine!

Hit The Deck

Specialty Flooring Cleaner

Hit The Deck!! This beauty was formulated by chemists to target foam and rubber and penetrate the toughest dirt and stains!

Do you have stained marine flooring or trailer pads? Dirty Tires? Snag Hit The Deck and let the pressurized SKIPS SPRAYER do its thing!

1. Shake SKIPS Spray Bottle well and pressurize bottle.

2. Spray evenly and directly on floor of boat. 

3. Wipe or scrub with brush then rinse & dry with microfiber towel to get a high-gloss shine.

4. Enjoy your one of a kind SKIPS clean floor.

Spot Blaster

All Purpose Cleaner

BLAST OFF! Spot Blaster is the go-to cleaner for spots and spills anywhere and anytime! Turn an “UH OH” into an “OH YEAH!” just like that!

Clean like a champ using the SKIPS CONTINUOUS SPRAYER! Spots and Spills better brace themselves, they’re about to be BLASTED!

1. Ask spots if they have any last words.

2. Grab your SPOT BLASTER sprayer and apply directly and evenly to surface.

3. Let SPOT BLASTER soak into tough stains.

4. Wax on, Wax off… minus the wax! Wipe clean with a microfiber towel.

5. Holster your weapon and continue on your way.

Sleek Seats

Vinyl Clean & Condition

Hey Neighbor, those are some SLEEK SEATS! Want your seats to feel brand new every time you sink in?  Buy SLEEK SEATS!

Clean and condition your leather and vinyl in style with the SKIPS CONTINUOUS SPRAYER. You’ll have seats so sleek, you’ll never want to get up!!

1. Buy as many SKIPS products as you can carry.

2. Grab your SLEEK SEATS sprayer and  apply directly and evenly to surface.

3. Use the skill you’ve been working on since age two and WIPE off any excess.

4. Take a deep breath, smile, and enjoy your SKIPS shine in all its glory!